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Ever since I was a kid I felt there was something amiss, so I hopped a freight-train as a teenager and began a life long quest in search of what I call, Truth. When I crashed an airplane in '07 and everything went to shit, including cognitive brain function and full use of my dominant hand, rather than give up the ghost and abandon my dreams, I wiped away the tears with bloody bandages and flipped my guitar upside down, relearning to play it the opposite way. My search continues to this day and the music I write is an expression of my inner struggle between the two most powerful forces at play in this adventure; love and fear. While not ever-triumphant in this war, my songs and lyrics are consistently honest, something I take pride in. I hope my music resonates with you and perhaps even inspires you in your own journey, I'm pullin' for ya. 

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Perhaps all is well and exactly as it should be, balancing in perfect harmony amongst chaos that gives meaning

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