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If indeed I wear a veil of reality, then it is worthy of being worn. Should I slip from its stronghold, I will not kick it aside like a putrid corpse, but rather fold it delicately, as truth hard learned.

It is not the scars and pins from broken bones that weigh heavily upon my soul, but rather the times I've allowed fear to overwhelm and stop me in my tracks. These less than courageous encounters will haunt me all of my days. 

Perhaps all is well and exaclty as it should be, balancing in perfect harmony amongst chaos that gives meaning.

There is no they, only we, and we're all in this together.

As far as I can tell, love is the most sound religion, simply because it 

transcends fear, the foundation of any doctrine.

Just as a mathematical equation is calculable, similarly happenings and events within our realm of perception are more often than not quite traceable to their origin, should you dare.


Although time can be fleeting, it is also a gift, one that is healing. If we distort that gift, changing it for selfish purposes, it ultimately becomes destructive, treacherous, maddening, and a tool of our own demise. 

Like an air bubble rising from the ocean depth, Truth will always find its way to the surface, no matter the depth of the lie. 

No matter the cost, struggle, or how high you must climb, so long as your goals and aspirations are firmly rooted in Truth, with a fundamental mission of helping and inspiring others to thrive in their own lives, dare not settle for anything less than your wildest dreams because you will not only attain them, but they are your destiny.  

Gravitate to what you love, and love will gravitate to you. 

Like a fly to shit, I continually find myself gravitating towards Truth. More so, the more profound the Truth, the deeper the lies I find obscuring it. The same phenomena can be said of lies, and the closer I get to either of these opposing forces, the stronger the pull, until a tipping point is crossed, and there is no turning back. Luckily for me, I will spend the remainder of my days attempting to expose Truth, rather than bury lies.

While there truly are dark forces at work, attempting to remove humans from humanity, both slowly and systematically, there are also opposing forces, more powerful than the former, that bring forth Truth, light, and love, and ultimately will prevail, illuminating all of darkness.     

Someone once said ot me, "be careful, truth is a tricky thing". They were right; truth can become tricky, but only when its peppered in lies, peddled as the whole truth and then used in nefarious ways. 

Uncomfortable truths: When a lie is presented and then repeated over and over again, hypnotically, it matters not if the lie has been disproved by credible sources, for if you are vulnerable in that what you're willing to believe is based on your need to feel comfortable, then you will inevitably accept, believe and even perpetuate the lie. 

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